Qoin jeweller is shining bright like a diamond

Qoin jeweller is shining bright like a diamond

Temelli Jewellery is setting a ‘sparkling’ example for the greater Qoin community during what has been a challenging time for small businesses globally.

Not only is the award-winning diamond specialist making solid Qoin sales 18 months into their journey, but persistent efforts have paid off with the Temelli team becoming the talk of the industry after acquiring one of the world’s last known Certified Natural Red Argyle Diamonds.  

“This is next-level rare,” James Temelli, the company’s chief operating officer said of the coup. “Before this one, I had only seen about four [red diamonds] in real life, and those were at jewellery exhibitions.”

“It was part of our client’s superannuation strategy,” Mr Temelli explained. “The client approached other jewellers in Australia, but we were the most proactive to move on it and make it happen.”

Globally, it is considered extremely rare to even see an Australian Natural Red Argyle Diamond let alone be allowed to facilitate a conversation around purchasing one.

“My estimation is that perhaps less than five remain in Australia, most are immediately purchased sight unseen by world figures like the Sultan of Brunei and worldwide investment brokers and collectors,” said Mr Temelli.

From the initial approach to receiving the 0.47 carat red sparkler (valued at $800,000) from one of the world’s largest diamond houses, was a three-month process.

Said to be ‘absolutely ecstatic’, the purchaser of this red rarity is now in a class of their own, especially considering that during the past 21 years the price of red diamonds has increased by 500 per cent and the values per carat will only become greater in time.

With the Argyle Mine in Western Australia ceasing its operation last November and the final showcase of its rarest diamonds from its last year of operations being auctioned off on September 1, this acquisition is a real boon for Temelli.

But it’s not all they’re focussed on; they’re also selling plenty of ‘engagement rings and diamond pieces’ on Qoin for 50 % Qoin / 50 % cash on certain product lines.

“We’ve been with Qoin since March last year and we love it,” said CEO John Temelli. “At any one stage we’ve probably got about three or four Qoin jobs on.”

One of the community’s most engaged and supportive merchants in the Qoin eco-system, Temelli actively posts on social media and makes the digital currency work for his business.

“Our pricing is fair, we’re not exaggerating the market – Qoin has opened a lot of doors for us,” he added.

Temelli also custom designs jewellery and is open to working with collectors who may be looking to realise their investments.

Temelli Jewellery is a progressive brand that accepts American Express and digital currencies including Qoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. For more information go to Temelli Jewellery in the Qoin Directory, or visit their website.