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With every step we take, we believe in pushing the boundaries to allow small business easier access to customers.

How Do I Become a Qoin Merchant?

Becoming a Qoin merchant occurs in 3 simple steps.
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    Download your Qoin Wallet App

    Download the Qoin Wallet App from the Apple and Android stores.

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    Register as a Merchant

    Have you registered as a merchant? Click below to see how you can get started.

    How do I register?
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    Complete your Listing

    Complete your directory listing details to display your business in the Qoin directory.

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Pushing the boundaries

We believe small business owners should control their own destiny. The way we are pushing the boundaries is with smarter more secure technology, user friendly wallets and instant access to small business by consumers. We just happen to be a digital currency.

In business, if we don’t evolve… we lose.

New customers are hard to come by with increasing competition both offline & online. Every business has spare capacity from time to time. Finding new ways, that are cost effective is essential to the future success of any business.

How Qoin can assist your business

Qoin offers you an additional sales channel for your business through access to a new method of payment. This may increase your customer base and give you the ability to move idle or excess stock and fill downtime. Qoin helps you build brand loyalty and offers you fee free merchant trading.

Qoin Merchant Benefits

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