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February 2023 Monthly Newsletter from Qoin Association

The contents of this newsletter are point-in-time statements. Please note the date of publication.

28 February 2023

Welcome to our February newsletter where we update the community on all things Qoin.

Please also watch the QDN broadcast channel for regular news and events updates.

Monthly Qoin Community Chat

The next Community Chat will be held on Thursday 2nd March at 10.00am AEST.

The community update is dedicated to our merchants and consumers and provides the perfect opportunity to learn about our current and upcoming projects and initiatives.

Participating in the community chat is the best way to keep informed about what’s happening at Qoin and is a platform to have your say!

For details to join the community chat visit the HELP Button in your Qoin App and tap the Monthly Qoin Community Chat topic for the zoom details and to submit agenda items for the next chat.

Approaches from External Parties

The Qoin Association and BPS Financial have received approaches from external parties who have recognised the considerable potential of the Qoin Project. BPS is in advanced discussions and negotiations with a venture capital firm that has access to substantial funding and resources to help grow and advance the Qoin Project globally. The community will be updated in this newsletter of any material progress.

Tech Update

We are pleased to announce that during February, our Qoin Block Explorer has past internal testing and will be made available as a selected community beta release. With this new tech addition, users will be able to export all transactions from your Qoin Wallet seamlessly. Once it has passed the beta release phase, it will be released to all users. Please keep any eye out for an email with more information.

In addition, the tech team has made further progress on several new features for our Qoin App to enhance your overall experience. These include:

  • Live Chat support functionality
  • Ability to support more networks and crypto tokens
  • Overhaul of the current in-app messaging functionality
  • Biometric login functionality
  • Enhancing the onboarding process for a greater customer experience

The upgraded Qoin App will be released to the community leaders for beta testing in preparation for release on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Wrapped Qoin (wQOIN)

BTX has advised that 2,454,109 Qoin has now been wrapped as part of the beta testing.  Wrapped Qoin is a Qoin on the Qoin blockchain that has effectively been transferred over a digital bridge onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Beta testing will continue through the first quarter of 2023, and we encourage you to participate in the Beta testing. If you would like to join the beta testing, please register your interest via [email protected]

For extensive information on the beta wrapping process go to the HELP button in your Qoin App and click on the ‘Wrap Qoin Important Information’ tab.

Community Transactions

During the month of January 2023, the community transacted 1,461,649 Qoin across 4,813 transactions between wallets resulting in an average transaction size of Q304. This data excludes internal related transactions.

Referrals and Rewards

This year, the Qoin team will be focused on expanding the merchant ecosystem, so the community has more spending opportunities. More merchants mean more products.

One of our main focuses will be to design a rewards system for Merchants to use their Qoin tokens as rewards to attract cash customers. We aim to partner with consumer groups to introduce their cash paying customers to our merchants in exchange for Qoin rewards. So please keep an eye out for further information on our exciting rewards program.

Don’t forget, we also have our Merchant Referral Incentive Program. It includes a 6-minute Qoin video where Julia explains exactly what Qoin is, the benefits, and how to download the Qoin App. You can send the link to a fellow business owner to inform them how Qoin can benefit their business.

Have a look in the HELP button, via ‘Refer a Merchant Incentive’ for details on the generous reward for both you and the new merchant.

QDN Featured Deals

Do you have any deals you would like to promote on QDN!

We’re looking for businesses to be featured in episodes of QDN during 2023.

If you’d like your products or services included in our monthly QDN merchant feature, please contact us via [email protected]. Remember your Qoin Deal feature should be seen by hundreds of viewers.


Have you registered for the Q Hub yet?

The Qhub goal is to provide a dashboard for merchants to learn and develop their Qoin trading skills, access resources and tools and support each other to build confidence in Qoin and grow the community.

Watch the introduction to Qhub video via this link to learn more

Register via the Help button in your Wallet or via


Have you taken a look at GrabbaCoupon yet?

GrabbaCoupon is still in its infancy but have a look at some of the coupons currently available, and use the site to list coupons to promote your business and gain new customers.  Listing is easy. We ask all merchants to list at least one deal to increase the range of products and services available.

More information is also available on GrabbaCoupon via the Qhub. Watch this video for more details

Networking Events

During 2022 the Qoin community held numerous events in their local areas. The aim of these community driven events is to attract new merchants to the Qoin community, stimulate more trading activities, and show them what’s possible with the power of Qoin.

If you are a Qoin Merchant and interested in learning more about the benefits of hosting or joining a Small Networking Group in your area, please contact Qoin Networking Group Support via [email protected].

For information on future events in 2023, please visit the EVENTS Button in your Qoin App and register for the Qhub to access a range of Networking Events templates and resources via

Watch this video for more information on the range of Networking Events templates and resources available in the Qhub

Update on Legal Matters

On Monday, 20 February 2023, the court delivered its judgment that the stayed class action may proceed concurrently with the ASIC proceedings. The applicants must deposit security for costs of $750,000 with the court for the action to proceed. Until the court receives the security from the applicants the matter remains stayed. At the date of this newsletter no notice or confirmation of such deposit has been received.

On 27 February 2023 BPS Financial Pty Ltd filed its first defence to the ASIC proceedings. ASIC must file their responses on 17 March 2023. We will keep the community updated in the newsletter as new material information comes to hand.


Thank you to all our members of the Qoin Community for your support, loyalty and trading thousands of transactions in January.