Meet our wQoin leads

Get to know our technical team behind wQoin.
Wiehan Venter
Head of Innovation & Solutions Architect

10 years Payment Systems, eCommerce & Blockchain

Brendan Griffiths
Product & Marketing Lead

B.Bus Managment & Entpre. 5+ years Marketing and Organisational Strategy

Madison Smeltzer
Data Admin & Operations

3 years Team Management, Leadership & Data Administration

Meet our Qoin leads

Get to know the team behind Qoin.World
Tony Wiese

Chartered Accountant. 25 years Finance & Economics

Raj Pathak

25 years Sales & Leadership in Trade Exchanges

Andrea Key
Community & Training

20 years in Training Management

Mark Atkinson
Chief Technology Officer

27 years Tech Systems and Infrastructure

Paul Hebbink
Chief Operating Officer - NZ

25 years Leadership & B2B Trading

Mel Anthony
Marketing Manager

13 years in Marketing & Creative Design

Steve Quinn
Risk Manager

MBA; 30 years Banking and Risk Management

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