Welcome to Qoin's Vision
and Mission

The world I see


To be the world’s most prosperous trading community.


To make Qoin the most widely accepted digital currency.
1. We value doing the right thing

• We ensure trust in our brand by making decisions that are inspired by our vision, driven by our mission , guided by our values and delivered with transparency and integrity.
• We do the ‘right thing’ in serving our communities, always looking for the right action in every situation and context.

2. We value our Qoin economy

• We are passionate about creating and protecting the economic value of our Qoin community.
• We know controlled and sustained growth will lead to prosperity for our communities and we take this responsibility seriously.

3. We are passionate

• We are passionate about the success of our Qoin economy, always looking for ways to positively impact our communities.
• We are responsible for ‘owning’ our actions and behaviours nurturing a culture of accountability and follow through.

4. We value relationships

• We build and maintain mutually beneficial, respectful relationships with like minded people who share our passion to challenge the status quo and make tomorrow better than today.
• Our relationships are driven by shared values and a common purpose to grow and contribute to our Qoin community.

5. We value innovation

• We constantly add value to our communities by finding new ways to improve our value proposition while remaining true to who we are.
• Through the technology that drives Qoin, we strive to provide our communities new ways to grow and prosper.

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