IMPORTANT: Please ensure you backup your Qoin Wallet App and write down your 12-word seed phrase

Backup your wallet

IMPORTANT – Please ensure you backup your Qoin Wallet App and record your ‘Seed Phrase’ and store it in a secure place. The Qoin Wallet App has a 3-Stage secure backup process. It is IMPORTANT to backup your Wallet App and write down your unique 12 word ‘Seed Phrase’.
***Your 12 word seed phrase MUST be written down and stored in a safe offline place and in at least three different places. If you do not store your seed phrase and you lose or change mobile device, you have the potential to lose the Qoin you already have***
WARNING: If you have lost your ‘Seed Phrase’, you lose all access to the Wallet and your Qoin! We are not able to reset or transfer the funds if the Seed Phrase is lost.

To Backup your Wallet:

1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet
2. In your Qoin Wallet App go to SETTINGS (bottom right corner)
• When you open the Settings window, a message displays that your wallet is not backed up. This message will always display until you’ve backed up your wallet.
3. To Backup your wallet, either tap the BACKUP WALLET button in the message or the Back up this Wallet Settings
4. Follow the instructions and select the “Backup my Wallet” to proceed.
5. Write down the generated seed phrase and have it ready for confirmation before finalising the backup process.
• When ready select “OK, I wrote this down” to continue.
6. You will then be directed to the “Verify Seed Phrase” screen.
• You will need to select the words in the same order you wrote them down, before you can complete the backup process.
7. Then select “Verify Seed Phrase”.
8. You have now successfully backed up your wallet and are now at the final stage to ensure your wallet is secure.
9. You will be directed to the “Lock Seed Phrase” screen.
• Select this option to finalise the backup process.
10. Congratulations your wallet is now fully secure. Please remember to store your backup phrase securely

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