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A digital currency for Consumers that can be used for everyday purchases.
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A digital community without barriers

We believe that all consumers should have an equal opportunity for success. Every individual should have the ability to grow their own wealth. We have designed a digital community without barriers offering everyone the potential to earn, grow and enhance themselves and their families.

We are achieving this through our digital currency Qoin. Be a bigger part of your prosperous potential.

Life…….. Just a little better

Technology has brought the world closer. Information is instant and evolution is happening all the time. The world of currency is evolving too. Cash used to be the norm, then plastic was all the rage. Now, it’s all about mobile and online. All currencies have pros and cons but what if you could take all of the good bits and combine them into one currency.

Make Qoin part of your new world

Qoin offers consumers so many benefits. From super fast touchless transactions, to in-built rewards.

Qoin ★ Benefits

Qoin★ Privileges

Earn Qoin selling those unwanted gifts, home gyms that are taking up space, or even taking your hobby to the next level. The Q Shop launched in November 2020, giving the ability for merchants and consumers to buy and sell products in a “marketplace” type environment.

Earn rewards in Qoin for introducing your friends, family, or simply shopping with the thousands of Qoin merchants in your local area or around Australia & New Zealand.

And best of all, the Qoin you earn could be potentially worth more in the future if you choose to hold on to it.

It's easy to jump on board the Qoin community.

How do I become a Qoin ★?

Become a Qoin Consumer in 3 simple steps
  • 1

    Download the Qoin Wallet App from the Apple and Android stores

  • 2
    Sharing is Caring

    Share and “like” Qoin on FB, Insta and Twitter

  • 3
    Winners are Grinners

    Sell some items on the Q Shop.

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