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The death of a loved one is hard enough emotionally without the added stress of funeral arrangements and the costs associated.

Carlyle Family Funerals in Melbourne’s south-east is offering an alternative avenue of payment to assist struggling families – Qoin.

‘Funerals don’t need to be daunting and expensive, they can be a thoughtful, dignified, and well-planned celebration of life’ says the company website.

Meagan Tyrrell and Deb Bechaz started the business two years ago.

Meaghan, a former nurse who has been a Funeral Director for the past 12 years, said the pair ‘wanted to create a small and intimate funeral home that could give families a more personal touch with transparent and affordable pricing’.

“Unlike larger funeral homes, we follow everything through from the very first phone call, to the funeral and to the after care,” she added.

“We will always maintain that personal individual touch with every family. Every family who comes through our door are treated as if they’re one of our own.”

The Carlyle team know only too well how important it is to send someone off in a compassionate, caring way. In order to assist with offering another payment stream, Meagan and Deb opted to join the Qoin Merchant community.

“We pride ourselves on matching dollar for dollar on Qoin,” Deb said.

“Offering partial payment in Qoin removes some of the financial strain on families during what is an emotional and difficult time.”

The pair said they saw Qoin as a new way for the business to assist more families.

“The digital currency was another avenue to market our business. Families who wouldn’t have known about us otherwise can find us on Qoin,” they added.

“We’re happy to be part of the Qoin community. We can see the potential in it and we’re looking forward to seeing its future growth.”

In the past 18 months, Qoin has seen a period of amazing growth for the expanding community which is now above 38,000.

For more on Carlyle Funerals head to their website or reach out to them directly at [email protected]