Qoin gives Mauritian Merchant Pole Position in Perth

A newborn on the way and worn down by unhappy staff and customers, Mauritian chef David Yue Chun was longing for a new beginning.

Toiling split-shift after split-shift for over fourteen years as a head chef, David  finally threw in the towel.

He met Harrison Lingard, a young entrepreneur who featured on the hit TV Show Shark Tank with his business, now hailed as the Uber of car detailing.

“Harrison taught me everything I know, hats off to him and I’m forever grateful for the thorough training I received.”

Fast forward one year and David’s Car Detailing is booming with Qoin giving him pole position within Perth.

“I’m one of the only mobile car detailers in Perth that accepts Qoin which is a huge advantage for me,” David said. “I’m usually booked out two to three weeks in advance now.”

While dining out at La Bouffe Mauritian Restaurant in Subiaco, David was given his first taste of Qoin by the owners, the Subban family, and he’s never looked back.  

“As a new sole trader, accepting Qoin from the get-go was a risk, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take – and what can I say? I’m flat out now and super busy with new customer requests,” he maintained.

“Before I got into Qoin I was struggling and stressed out on my own, I had a slow start but now I speak regularly with a lot of other Merchants in Perth who are my customers and also friends.” 

A car fanatic, David’s love for car shows, rally, and V8 Supercars made giving the kitchen the ‘chop’ an easy decision.

The waterless mobile car detailing business which also specialises in red dirt and mud stain removal gives him the chance to explore Perth and meet new people outside of the chef trade.

“I like it here in Perth a lot, I get to drive around and see the beautiful scenery while visiting customers face to face,” he expressed.

“I’m a people person and I have many loyal customers who have recommended me to their friends because my service is unlike anyone else in Perth.”

Since joining the Qoin community, David has reinvested in advertising by purchasing company shirts and a car decal featuring his logo all on Qoin.   

“It’s working fantastically, I’ve received over 50 phone calls from new customers and four of those were truck detailing quotes on Qoin which is a big job for me,” he added.

Captivated by the concept of wrapping Qoin onto the Ethereum blockchain, David is all in for the next chapter of the Qoin journey.

“I can’t wait to begin trading! Cryptocurrency is the way of the future, there will be a point when it becomes the norm and more common than cash.”

Get in touch with David’s Car Detailing for a free quote on a professional waterless base service at a time and place that works for you.